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Our company has been operating in the woodworking market for a long time and is one of the largest enterprises in Kostroma region.

Dynamic development of the company is based on ecological cleanliness, high quality products produced by qualified specialists on modern equipment, continuous development of the enterprise and concern for the team.

To meet the requirements of the modern market our company is constantly improving technological processes, special attention is paid to reliability and efficiency of the delivery of our products. To satisfy the consumers we provide a diverse range of quality products at reasonable prices.

Today we offer a large assortment of timber, which is subjected to strict quality control and complies with the sanitary standards of the Russian Federation.

The company "LESTROYPROEKT" specializes in the production of various profiled cladding products: euro lining, lumber, floor board, block house, imitation of timber and other wood products.
The product range is being constantly expanded.


The main production is situated in the   Kostroma region. The most modern equipment has been installed in the spacious warm workshops. It allows to produce heat-resistant lumber and carry out high-quality processing, drying, and sorting of materials.

Selected raw materials undergo a special heat treatment in a drying complex equipped with computer automation, until they reach a moisture content of 10-12%.

After processing the wood absorbs much less moisture. Even after direct contact with water, its moisture returns to its previous level.

Then, the material that has reached the desired humidity is processed on high-tech machines, acquiring the stated form - a smooth surface. The products thus obtained are packaged in shrinkable polyethylene packaging with the company's logo.

Wood is always in fashion - it is the only building material that always meets high technological and aesthetic requirements. The marketing department of the company is constantly engaged in the replenishment of the range of materials and market research.

Highly qualified specialists work in the company. Engineering and technical personnel are regularly trained at the factories of equipment manufacturers; attend exhibitions and seminars presenting new technologies. A well-established management system ensures effective interaction of all departments, and allows to respond to changing customer needs.

The goods produced by our company are always of an excellent type:  they are delivered in shrinkable polyethylene packaging with the company's logo on transport pallets.

We aim to provide the market with high-quality products at competitive prices for buyers. These prices are achieved through private logging sites, production workshops in the region quick service. Volumes of finished products allow us to constantly maintain the widest assortment in our warehouses, even in the busy summer season. There is a system of preliminary applications by fax and e-mail.

We are looking for business partners in product sales. As European Class Supplier we would be glad to offer our goods and services to trading, construction, repair and other organizations, as well as individuals. The main policy of our company is an individual approach to each customer, allowing to find the most effective cooperation schemes. You can expect the most favorable partnership conditions. We always aim to satisfy our customers!

We will be very glad to see you among our partners.
The team of the Company "LESSTROYPROEKT".