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Name Unit Price
Euro clapboard grade «АB» м3 €420
Stihl clapboard grade «AB» м3 €420
Euro clapboard grade «C» м3 €300
Timber imitation grade «АВ» м3 €420
Timber imitation grade  «С» м3 €300
Batten grade   «АВ» м3 €400
Batten grade   «С» м3 €280
Block - house grade  «АВ» м3 €400
Block - house grade  «C» м3 €280
Decking м3 €420
Edged sawn timber of transport humidity GOST 26002-83 (export) м3 €300
Glued timber м3 €530
Glued beam м3 €500
Planken м3 €400
Molded item (baseboards, trims, etc.) pcs pcs €0,5
Planed bar м3 €350
Fuel briquette tonn €60

Delivery by the company's motor transport is possible.