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Profiled and glued timber

Profiled timber is the most modern and perfect building material made of wood today. Its main advantage is its clear geometric shape, which makes the structure as strong as possible and easy to install without the use of auxiliary tools. The tight fit of the joint prevents blowing and moisture ingress. Careful drying also prevents shrinkage of the finished building, provides excellent quality of the finished surface and a long service life.

Our company takes a responsible approach to the technological process and sorting of the finished material. Therefore, you get the highest quality product and will not encounter unpleasant "surprises" in the form of through cracks.

Glued timber is made from wood by longitudinal gluing of wooden fragments. It has no analogues among wooden products. Precision of execution and high quality of processing allows you to get the most smooth walls. And the speed and simplicity of construction of structures will please you very much. This timber is also used as a glued beam in the construction of all types of buildings. A huge advantage is the low humidity of the material, which virtually eliminates the deformation and strong shrinkage of buildings.

Timber made of natural wood preserves and increases the quality of the natural array. This is an environmentally friendly material that does not interfere with air circulation and fills it with a pleasant aroma. In a harsh climate, profiled timber is ideal, because it retains heat better than its counterparts. This is a great opportunity to save on heating. Please note that the thermal conductivity is directly related to the cross section of the lumber.

Like all wood products, the timber retains its natural pattern. And taking into account its excellent performance, it will long please you with a beautiful appearance. This finish can be used without additional coating. But, if desired, you can treat the surface with varnish, giving more gloss to the design of the room.

Lesstroyproekt offers you high-quality construction profiled and glued timber at affordable prices. Check out our price list here. We will be happy to answer all your questions.