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Decking is produced by:
length: from 3 - 6 m;
width: 135 mm;
thickness: 36 mm;
humidity: 10-12 %
wood type: pine

Decking is a wooden plank covering with a smooth or fluted top layer, intended for covering floors in areas of high humidity and sharp temperature fluctuations. It is often used for outdoor terraces, verandas, garden paths, gazebos, as well as as the floors of baths and saunas.

The first and obvious property of decking is increased strength. We use conifers whose wood is saturated with resins that prevent rotting and organic damage. It is moisture-resistant, insensitive to temperature fluctuations and is not afraid of ultraviolet light. Resistance to mechanical damage is also important: scratches, chips, and cracks will not appear on high-quality material. This Board does not require painting, preserving the original natural appearance of wood.
A huge advantage of this coating is its ease of operation and maintenance. No puddles form on the surface. And the resulting contamination can be easily removed by strong water pressure without the use of chemicals. If you live with children or elderly people, you will appreciate this material. Thanks to the above-mentioned technological features, your loved ones will not slip or get hurt on the decking.

The noble texture and pleasant color of the wood give a special charm to the design. In addition to the appearance, you will be pleased with the tactile sensations of this coating. Agree, the warm surface of wood is much nicer than gravel or artificial coatings.

Our company will make sure that our products bring you only positive emotions. We will be happy to help you make a choice and advise you on operating issues. Check out the price list, our prices will pleasantly surprise you. 

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