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Batten is produced:

length: 2-6 m;

width: 85; 135;

thickness: 36; 46;

Humidity -10-12%.

Tree species: pine, spruce.

We offer batten made of solid spruce and pine wood of different sizes. You will easily be able to choose the material in accordance with the purpose of the room and your budget.


Spruce or pine is a great option for those who know the value of money. This is an economical and reliable breed that will not damage your pocket even when covering a large area. Low moisture resistance is more than compensated by its unpretentiousness, ease of operation, excellent heat and sound insulation, antiseptic and hypoallergenic properties. A pleasant and unobtrusive pine aroma will be a great bonus. The texture of the array will easily decorate any interior and allow you to realize your most daring design ideas.


Here you will find different types of wood. Choose A or B for finishing, and class C boards are perfect for roughing.


Regardless of the material, all our batten are easy to install, thanks to the system of grooves and ridges. It facilitates installation and does not allow the finished coating to be warped even in conditions of high humidity and temperature fluctuations.


This Is Important! Our products are hermetically Packed. We eliminate the ingress of excess moisture and air, while maintaining the basic characteristics of the wood. Therefore, pay special attention to the conditions of transportation and storage of the material after purchase. Do not break the integrity of the packaging and do not expose the product to low temperatures. This is the only way you can be sure that you will get a high-quality material ready for use, and you will not waste time on drying. Check out the price list here, our prices will surprise you.

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