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Fuel briquettes

Fuel briquettes are a modern, environmentally friendly type of fuel that is rapidly gaining popularity. They are made from dry wood fraction without adding bark and resin. The composition of this briquette includes sawdust of spruce and pine in different proportions without bark, resin and any chemical impurities. This fuel is suitable for all types of furnaces and boilers without restrictions.

Why should we prefer fuel briquettes to traditional fuels? The most common raw material is wood, requires a lot of time investment and effort. They need to be purchased or prepared. Then cut and chop, ensure optimal storage conditions in a dry place, or spend time on additional drying. After all, raw wood does not burn well and smoke. They take up a lot of space and are inconvenient to transport and store. In the conditions of modern time pressure and time deficit, this is not rational.

Coal, unlike wood, does not require such efforts, but it is quite a "dirty" dusty type of fuel and also requires special transportation and storage conditions.

Fuel briquettes do not have these disadvantages. They give a uniform heat, they are easy to store and transport. Do not pollute the chimneys, do not get dirty and practically do not crumble. You can use them in a private house, on a plot, or take them with you to nature. This is an ideal choice for those who value their time and comfort. But pay attention to the correct choice of briquettes. The most important criterion is the quality of production.

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