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Clapboard is produced:

Length: from 1.5-3 m;

Width: 96 mm;

Thickness: 12.5 mm;

Humidity: 10-12%.

Tree species: pine, spruce.


Clapboard wins among a huge range of finishing materials. Only with its help you get a beautiful and smooth wooden surface. This is a versatile and economical product, the scope of which is almost limitless. Clapboard is used for both internal and external decoration: living rooms, baths, saunas and much more.


What is the secret of such popularity? Clapboard is able to decorate even the most nondescript room, easily disguises wires and communications, and hides surface irregularities. And what is especially important, it will correct the space. Use vertically stacked clapboard to visually increase the height of the ceiling or place horizontally to expand the room!


To create high-quality products, we use multi-stage technology. We produce edged boards, which take place in the industrial drying. We carry out work on cutting the grooves to facilitate subsequent installation, sanding to obtain a tactile pleasant texture. And after sorting, we send our clients only the best material.


Lesstroyproek LLCt uses environmentally friendly spruce and pine wood without chemical impurities, famous for its healing effect. Softwood clapboard contains phytoncides, so it has antimicrobial properties. Finishing from such a natural material will bring you only positive emotions: it is easy to install, captivates with its subtle aroma and creates a comfortable and useful microclimate.


You can buy clapboard wholesale and cheap in Kostroma in our office, delivery is possible on favorable terms for You. Check out the price list here.

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