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Planed bar and board

Planed Board - lumber that is completely devoid of edges and roughness. The smooth, polished surface explains the popularity and versatility of this product. A beautiful appearance will be a plus for the manufacture of furniture or floor coverings.

The simplicity of the material allows you to use a planed board to perform a wide variety of tasks. It is used in the construction of fences, doors and Windows, stairs and railings, for wall coverings, facades, gables and gazebos. And this is not all areas of application. The simplicity and reliability of planed board allows you to use it for almost any rigid structures. They will retain their shape and quality for a long time.

Bar-lumber of square and rectangular cross-section. The size and shape vary depending on its intended purpose. The planed bar is so universal that it is impossible to list all its areas of application. This is an excellent building material, the basis for the production of parts of wooden furniture and doors, packaging containers. It can be used in garden, cottage and landscape design.

Planed Board and bar are completely unpretentious, completely natural and safe. Careful chamber drying makes our products resistant to corrosion and deformation. Therefore, you cannot doubt the durability and quality of your products, buildings and finishes. And our prices will allow you to save your budget significantly. Check out our price list here. 

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