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Molded items

Molded items are various planed products that have a certain profile. It differs from others in that it can have a very different cross-section, and the unit of measurement is the linear meter. Our Molded items are made only from lumber that has passed chamber drying.

This is an irreplaceable product in construction and repair. Suitable for both rough and finishing work in industrial and residential premises. Molded items are also popular as various coverings and decking.

Simple and easy to process material,made from natural, environmentally friendly raw materials, is appreciated by builders. It can be easily painted, impregnated or varnished. And the appearance of wood is a great decoration for any product.

The most common types of molded items are: corner, baseboard, mounting rail, trim.

A corner – is a decorative corner element. It is most often used for masking seams and installing window and door openings.

The baseboard is also used in finishing. It is used to close the cracks between the walls and the floor covering.

Door and window trims give a complete look to the finish. They mask cracks and other mounting flaws.

Whatever type of molded items you choose, the main thing is high-quality raw materials, professional drying and processing.

With Lesstroyproekt products, you can be sure of the quality and not worry about inflated prices. You can find the price list here.

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