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Edged sawn timber

Edged sawn timber is produced:
length: from 2 to 6 m;
width: from 100 to 200 mm;
thickness: from 20 to 200 mm;
humidity: 16-18 %
tree species: pine, spruce.

Our company produces Edged sawn timber on a circular automatic saw line. The advantages of such products in processing, is that the wood is completely cleared of bark. This ensures a more precise joining of joints, and, consequently, high structural strength. Edged sawn timber is indispensable in the construction of houses, outbuildings, finishing of premises. It is used for the manufacture of sliced products, furniture, laminated veneer lumber and mouldings of wood.

Our products are made from environmentally friendly conifers, so they have the hypoallergenic properties of pine and spruce and exudes a pleasant aroma. This material is simple and versatile to use.

Stronger pine is used for crates and load-bearing structures. Spruce, which has a low thermal conductivity, is more often used for interior and exterior decoration. With our products, you can not worry about the durability of your buildings. Purified from the bark of the wood is less subject to putrefactive processes, the impact of fungi and pests.

The company "Lesstroyproekt" offers its customers edged sawn timber of natural humidity and of transport humidity according to GOST 26002-83 (export).

You can buy this and other products wholesale from us in Kostroma by pickup or delivery, according to the price list. 

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