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Block house

The block-house is produced:
length: 2-6 m;
width: 90; 135; 180 mm;
thickness: 21, 36, 46 mm;
humidity - 10 - 12%;
Tree species: pine, spruce.

The block-house is ideal for horizontal internal and external cladding. This finish imitates a high-quality rounded log. Fulfill your dream-to live in a native Russian log house, even if you are the lucky owner of a brick building.

The advantages of a block house can be listed for a very long time. Unlike a log, it is not subject to deformation and cracking. This material, due to the reduced moisture content, does not succumb to fungal and mold lesions for a long time. A special design does not allow moisture to get into the grooves of products, preserving the original appearance of your finish for many years.

Like all our products, the block-house is made of environmentally friendly wood, preserving all the best qualities of this material. It is hypoallergenic and non-toxic. This finish "breathes" and well retains the heat and humidity of the room, forming an optimal microclimate. A stylish wood pattern and original shape will give a special identity to your interior.

As for the performance of the block house, they win in many characteristics, even the most popular finishing materials. It can be used in the temperature range from -50 to +50 degrees Celsius, which is optimal in conditions of both cold Russian winter and hot summer. Resistance to moisture and UV also increases the value of the product. The panels are light in weight and will not cause any trouble during transportation. A well-thought-out design will allow you to carry out installation yourself, having minimal skills in construction.

Like all products made of natural wood, this finish is flammable and can be exposed to pests and rot. But these disadvantages are easily eliminated by proper protection and will not cause you problems in operation. A beautiful appearance will please you for a very long time! Check out the prices for a block-house here.

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