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Imitation timber

Timber imitation is produced:

length: 2-6 m;

width: 85; 137 mm;

thickness: 21 mm.

humidity: 10-12%.

Tree species: pine, spruce.

Timber imitation is widely used for interior and exterior decoration of houses. This is an environmentally friendly, versatile material that looks like a timber, but is more profitable in economic terms. In addition to the price advantage, this product wins in ease of use and performance. Unlike timber, it is not subject to cracking and deformation. Therefore, your interior will have a pristine appearance for a long time.


If you compare this product with artificial finishing materials: siding, plastic, PVC, then the choice in favor of natural wood is obvious. The environmental and quality characteristics of our products are significantly higher. Timber imitation has a low thermal conductivity and excellent noise insulation. This finish of the room retains the warm air, a positive effect on the microclimate and, most importantly, isolates the noises. At the same time, the timber imitation is resistant to moisture, temperature changes and UV rays.

The texture of natural wood looks luxurious and noble. It is equally appropriate both in an expensive country house and in the budget decoration of a country house. Your stylish interior will not go unnoticed.

Please note that if the production conditions are not met: poor processing, insufficient drying, the material may crack. Contact only reliable companies with a proven reputation.

The Lesstroyproekt  LLC company offers to the clients only high-quality timber imitation wholesale and retail at affordable prices from the manufacturer.

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